About Us

North Shore Compressor: Providing outstanding customer service since 1986. Manufacturer and builder of high quality high-pressure compressors under brand name of ARCTIC COMPRESSOR, developing and designing solutions for high-pressure applications.


North Shore Compressor was founded in 1986 by Charles and Peggi Potter in Silver Bay, Minnesota. At inception, the goal of North Shore Compressor was to provide competent, honest and reliable customer services at an affordable cost. Quality customer service is truly the hallmark of North Shore Compressor and their entire staff.


North Shore Compressor sells and services high-pressure compressors for multiple applications in recreational, fire, safety, industrial and paintball markets. Our company has also designs, builds and sells containment fill stations, control panels and cascade systems. Our customer friendly online store located at northshorecompressor.com has multiple products and items available to meet all of your air needs. Technicians are also available by telephone or e-mail to assist in product selection or respond to your specific questions.


Since 1986, North Shore Compressor has grown steadily. It became a second-generation family owned business when Steven Potter joining his parents in operation of the company in 2007. Another milestone was achieved in 2009 when North Shore Compressor announced the manufacture and production of their own high-pressure compressors under the brand name of ARCTIC COMPRESSOR. ARCTIC COMPRESSORS are produced with high quality materials, built in the United States, with design modifications to improve service life and increase customer satisfaction. Every ARCTIC COMPRESSOR is manufactured under stringent quality control standards and is tested to ensure reliable and efficient service. ARCTIC COMPRESSORS are available in a variety of models and horsepower to meet most applications. Customers are encouraged to contact North Shore compressor with special design needs or specific modifications.


In 2012, North Shore Compressor expanded assembly facilities to a new location in Superior, Wisconsin. While our home office remains in Silver Bay, the expansion into the facility in Superior will allow for continued growth and provide needed space for research and development of new products.


As North Shore Compressor continues to grow, Chuck, Peggi and Steven Potter pledge their continued commitment to providing the highest quality service and air products at an affordable cost.