Firefighter's Grant Help

AFG Grant Help

Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program

Also sometimes called: FEMA or AFG Firefighter Grant

We would like to help you with your application process.

Steps to writing a grant.

1. Determine your need. 
If you need a compressor, cascade, or fill station talk to us first.
We will match your usage with the right sized
compressor and/or cascade system.
Too large a compressor can be just as much a problem as too small.
The long term health of a compressor depends on proper use.
Too little use can be just as bad as overuse.

To determine how many SCBA bottles can be filled by
a variety of Cascade systems, click here .

2. Determine the cost.
It is our understanding that two bids need to accompany your application this year.

Give us a call for a no obligation bid on compressors, containment fill stations, or cascade systems.

For other equipment, see our Dealers & Links page.

3. File the application.

File online here.

Helpful links:

FEMA Assistance to Firefighter Grants Home Page

Minnesota Fire Service has great information about the grant application process, samples, FAQ's, etc.
Some info here is specific to Minnesota but most is nationally applicable. This site is more up to date than FEMA's.